About Me

About Me

Neil O’Brien

Neil has been successfully running Mastermind groups since 2017. He is also a business consultant whose sole aim is growing the profits of business owners. He has consulted with over 260 companies including Centra, 4Star Pizza, EMC and many others including various Government agencies. Before running his consulting business, Neil spent 15 years as a management accountant spending time in the U.K, USA and Ireland working for the likes of EMC and Pfizer.
He is a published author of a critically acclaimed book “101 Business Lessons From a Recovering Accountant”. He has advised people who made successful appearances on ‘Dragon’s Den’ and mentored businesses through the post graduate program run by U.C.C.

How I discovered Masterminds

Do you know the frustration of setting ambitious targets in January for your business to grow sales only to get to December and realise nothing much has changed?

In March 2017, I was at that point in my business where I was questioning if I even wanted to continue. Then I got an opportunity to join a Mastermind group in the U.K. and even though it was a considerable monthly investment, I  took the plunge and joined up.

At our first meeting, I set a number of goals including finally finishing my first book. I had only been working on it for 9 years and there was still lots of work to do. But amazingly, 3 months later, I went into my Mastermind group clutching the first draft of my book. It was published the following month.

Why did it take me 9 years and 3 months to write a book?

The 9 years was me fluffing about but once I’d committed to my group that I was going to finish my book within 3 months, I did not want to go back into that room and not have it done.

And that’s one of the huge benefits of joining a Mastermind group, accountability.

It helped me publish my first book and I know that without the group, it would not have happened.

In the first 9 years working on the book, I had no boss or group to hold me accountable, so if I didn’t write the next chapter, I’d say to myself “I’ll do it next month” and that soon became “I’ll do it next year” but of course I never did.

Three months into that Mastermind group, I saw another huge benefit. I had always wanted to start a Mastermind group and the ones I knew were for 2 days every 3 months. I thought it would be difficult to start one of these groups, when someone in the group said “Why don’t you start one for half a day, once per month?”

I loved the idea so I sussed out clients who were very keen to join one and within a month, I had my first 8 member, half-day per month Mastermind group up and running.

That idea came from a brain-storm session at the Mastermind. This is a second huge advantage of a group as brainstorming which give you new ideas to help grow your business.