How It Works

How does a Mastermind group work?


  • A Business learning and accountability group for business owners
  • Designed to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for your business growth
  • Developed using proven Mastermind techniques that have been used for over  100 years.
  • Innovative program that’s delivered for 2 hours, twice a month via Zoom.
    Programme Details
  • Each member gets time to bring their most pressing challenge to the group for help e.g. managing cash flow, growing sales etc.
  • The group leverages their collective wisdom through brainstorming and
    suggestions to help each member solve their key challenge
  • The business owner narrows the ideas down to the top 1-3 ideas so they can take effective action.
  • You leave the meeting feeling supported, optimistic, and motivated to take positive actions to improve your business in the days and weeks ahead.
  • At each successive meeting, you update the group on your progress. This
    provides the accountability most people need to get more important tasks done than ever before.
  • Education – as part of the 2 monthly meetings, we also cover key topics likemarketing, sales skills, time management etc.
  • In addition to the 2 group meetings per month, there’s a 10 minute ‘Daily Huddle’. Members of my other Mastermind groups consistently mention how much this helps them in prioiritising their day to get key tasks done.